INFOMO. Dopest 3D Art.
Designing, building and delivering.


Affordable mints with HQ 3D art every Friday.
We re-invest 90% of the benefits in promotion.

The Brand

The INFOMO Club started as a project from love to crypto and fashion, the virtual world, and the NFT space.

Our identity is all about street fashion, music, style, and extreme sports. Barcelona is widely known as the top skateboarding city in the world and as a mecca for the sport, and that's where we come from.

After a while in the crypto NFT space, we've seen many projects fade away. That's why we are growing a community based on trust, quality, and a long-term vision.

We offer a safe space for everyone to interact and grow knowledge about NFTs and metaverse wearables while raising the value of our collectibles.

Fransie Klaas

Fransie Klaas is an Industrial Designer engineer + 3D modeler and music artist from Barcelona. He is the creative on Zebra BCN and INFOMO club.

Max Cessay

Max Ceesay is a beatmaker from Barcelona. He started his career as a TeleTrade Broker of forex. He is the project manager of INFOMO.